Request Medical Flight

If you would like to request a flight for you or someone you are helping, please complete the following form. If an escort is medically necessary, the escort’s information is required as well. Please note: Medflight of Indiana will fly one parent/guardian for children 18 years old and younger. All other escort requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis

All flight requests are reviewed by the chief flight coordinator. If Medflight of Indiana is unable to assist you, the Flight Coordinator will contact you a minimum of one week prior after you have submitted your form. The completion of any flight is dependant on the response of volunteer pilots.

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Purpose of Flight

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Parent or Escort Name

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Facility Phone


Duration of Appointment

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Once a flight request is approved, Medflight of Indiana will:

  • Call the patient's doctor to obtain medical clearance for the patient to fly
  • Call the treatment facility to confirm the date, time and duration of the appointment
  • Arrange the flights through one of Medflight of Indiana's flight programs

Before traveling, please remember:

  • You will need to carry all appropriate documentation (e.g. identification, passport and/or birth certificate)
  • To have Medflight of Indiana's phone number with you at all times
  • If your flight is booked on a commercial airline, contact the airline prior to leaving for the airport to confirm your flight schedule
  • To check in at the appropriate airline ticket counter at least 90 minutes prior to departure (your tickets will be waiting at the airport)

Be sure to call Medflight of Indiana 3-4 days prior to the travel date to confirm the flight arrangements. When flights are arranged through the Volunteer Pilot Program, the pilot will call the patient directly to provide him/her with the flight details.

If your flight is booked on a corporate aircraft:

  • Corporate flights depart and arrive at terminals separate from commercial airlines. These details will be given to you when you call Medflight of Indiana to confirm your flight information
  • Washroom facilities are not usually available on corporate aircraft
  • Passengers on corporate aircraft are allowed one small piece of luggage

If your flight is booked on a private aircraft:

  • Private aircraft depart and arrive at terminals separate from commercial airlines. Your pilot will give you these details when he or she calls you to confirm your flight information
  • Washroom facilities are generally not available on private aircraft
  • Private aircraft have baggage restrictions (your pilot will give you these details)
  • You will be asked to sign a release of liability waiver prior to boarding the aircraft

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