Our Mission:

     "arranging free air transportation for children and others in need."

MedFlight of Indiana, Inc. is a group of pilot and non-pilot volunteers dedicated to serving children and others in need of free medical transportation. Our referrals come from healthcare providers and from the general public.
Our pilots are primarily based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The volunteer pilots own or rent a suitable aircraft and donate the usage and related costs of operation of the missions flown.

MedFlight of Indiana links with other similar non-profit public benefit flying entities for missions over approximately 300 miles. These other partnering entities include Angel Flight GA, Lifeline (Peoria, IL) and Angel Flight OK. We are a member of Air Care Alliance, a national league of humanitarian flying organizations dedicated to community service.

Contact us using our contact form for more information or mail us directly to find out how you can help as a volunteer!

Greg Mahler,

MedFlight of Indiana, Inc.
10169 Colubrina Drive
Venice, FL 34293

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